Ready for a European vacation on board your own Grand Soleil? Some of our clients have chosen this route as a means to get acquainted with their new vessel in its country of origin. There is no better way to visit the yard, meet the creators and craftsmen behind the scenes, and then see your boat being launched for the first time in probably one of the most picturesque coastlines of the world.

Whether you choose the Adriatic, an overnight sail away from the hundreds of islands of Croatia, not to mention the possibility of sailing into Venice, or choose the incredible Ligurian Sea with ports of call ranging from Punta Ala, Viareggio, Cinque Terre and of course Porto Fino, this experience will be one of the most memorable moments of your life together with your new love. Not to mention the fact that the savings in freight costs as compared to traditional on deck shipping, will easily fund this vacation for you, your family and lucky friends!


LAZY DOG from Puerto Rico leaving Cala Galera near Rome on its maiden voyage to Corsica eventually heading to Toulon and loading on the float on/float off Dockwise Yacht Transport ship for the transatlantic trip across to the Caribbean. No stress on sails, systems, engine or crew!