"I learned to know Mr. Harold Del Rosario through the purchase of my Grand Soleil 37. While I made detailed comparisons of several medium-sized yachts, Harold was able to bring to my attention several structural and performance related features of the yacht that go well beyond the standard knowledge of a yacht broker."

"When I have needed design information, spares or exceptional work done on the boat, Harold has delivered in a timely and efficient manner despite the logistical challenges caused by the distance between the boat and the manufacturer."

Tapio Saavalainen

Kalevala II

Washington, DC

Dear Harold:

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for your support and commitment last year. Having purchased my new Grand Soleil 50 in December of 2006, it was major undertaking to get the boat fully rigged and outfitted with all of the equipment and supplies necessary to go offshore in February of 2007. But with your help and direct involvement, it was a big success.

From the maiden voyage going down the East Coast in winter to the Bahamas, then up the coast to New England and back down to the Caribbean, we have logged over 6,500 nautical miles in just the first year. During this time, you have provided direct support and critical assistance in helping me maintain the boat and make sure she is fit and seaworthy. Your contacts with Cantiere del Pardo have been timely and effective which can be difficult given the distance and language differences.

I really appreciate the help and follow up you have provided. It has made owning a Grand Soleil a real pleasure, an experience that I am keen to share with my fellow sailors.

David B. Dabney


Annapolis, MD

Dear Harold:

Denise and I continue to very much enjoy our wonderful Grand Soleil sloop, LEHUA. We just spent the last 3 weeks sailing the Prince William Sound area and the North Gulf Coast between there and Seward, Alaska. LEHUA handled the 8-10 ft seas with aplomb (although the wave train was between the quarter and abeam rather than head on). I hope all is well with you and, of course, with the fine people at Grand Soleil.

Randall E. Farleigh


Anchorage, AK

Saluti a tutti!

Abbiamo vinto la Puerto Rico Heineken International Regatta cuesto fine settimana! Prima vittoria per il nuovo Lazy Dog! Grazie a tutti per creare questa bellissima e velocissima barca! La foto é stato scattata ieri, 20-25 nodi , mare 2 metri..

Translation: Greetings All!

We have won the Puerto Rico International Heineken Regatta this last weekend. First victory for the new Lazy Dog! Thanks to all for creating this beautiful and extremely fast yacht! The foto was taken yesterday, 20-25 knots, seas 2 meters.

Sergio Sagramoso

San Juan, PR